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Before you write us an email or call us, try to check the list below if we haven't already answered your question. Doing so, you'll save time to you and us :)


How much does shipping cost and how can I pay?

We currently delivery options by the UPS, Hermes, GLS and pick-up place (Postfach). Another option is to pick up your purse personally at our warehouse in Chrudim.

We offer you four the most popular payment options.

  1. Payment on delivery
  2. Bank transfer payment
  3. Payment in cash when the products picked up at our warehouse
  4. Payment via GoPay gateway

For more information about shipping and payment, read Customer Support.


Are the products in stock and ready for immediate shipping?

Yes. All the products are in stock and ready for immediate shipping? If you choose payment by credit card, you can have the products at home the 3 days.

So what is Vuch?

We are coming to the European market as a new designer brand. Our goal is to revolutionize all purses with new purses which every woman wants. It's time to do something extra, especially for you, dear ladies. If you don't want to get lost in countless number of commercial brands which no longer attract anyone, it's time to buy a VUCH purse. We come with a whole new collection focused on a slightly provocative fashion with colourful undertones. We carefully select the design of each of our collections and take care of every detail. This year's fashion hit are dots in any form, be "IN" with VUCH purse.

What other products do you plan to produce?

We are constantly trying to expand the range of our offer. We started with purses only and now you can also find handbags, watches, jewelry and accessories in our portfolio. And by that our plans and goals definitely don't end.

What warranty do you provide?

We provide 24-month warranty for all our products and 30 days for returning the products without giving any reason. You haven't got to worry about anything and shop peacefully.

How are the products packaged?

All products are delivered in a gift box made of natural recycled materials. We are trying to save our beautiful world.

Where are the products made?

Each product is designed by our designers in the Czech Republic and subsequently crafted in China, where we closely cooperate with companies based on the quality and precision of their work. China has got a great tradition in the textile and fur industry. Employees are paid more than the minimum wage, working in attractive premises. Their satisfaction and peace at work is certainly reflected in the quality of our goods.

I returned some product, when will I get a refund?

Once the package arrives to us, we send an informational email and then money. You can expect the money to arrive no later than within 14 working days of the product arrival at our warehouse. And hurray, let's check out new collections!

How the complaint process works?

If there is anything wrong with any product or you don't like it anymore and manage to return it within 30 days of purchase, the complaint process is the same. Please download the complaint form on our website, which you fill in and send to our address along with the goods and a copy of the invoice - Vuch s.r.o. Tovární 1112, Chrudim IV, 53701. More information about complaints and product replacement can be found here.