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We currently delivery options by the Czech Post, UPS, Hermes, GLS and pick-up place (Zasilkovna). Another option is to pick up your goods personally at our warehouse in Chrudim.


Delivery options

  • United Kingdom:    Hermes 5,49 € deliver to 3 days

                                        UPS      8,9 € deliver to 3 days


  • France:                   UPS      8,9 € deliver to 3 days


  • Germany:                UPS      8,9 € deliver to 3 days

                                         Postfach Germany: 4,4 € deliver to 3 days


  • Italy:                        UPS      8,9 € deliver to 3 days


  • Netherlands:            UPS       8,9 € deliver to 3 days

                                         GLS       5,9 € deliver to 3 days




We offer you the four most popular payment options.

  1. Cash on delivery

        You pay when the goods are accepted from the carrier

  1. Payment by bank transfer

        Please send the amount to our bank account with Fio Bank 2000886269/2010 and indicate the order number as the  variable symbol

  1. Payment in cash when picked up at our facility
  2. Payment through the GoPay gateway


We provide a 24-month guarantee for all of our products and a 30-day guarantee for the return of undamaged and unworn goods without giving any reason.

If you wish to return the unused goods, send a complaint of goods or a replacement, please fill out the complaint form below and send it to us at the following address:


Vuch s.r.o.

Tovární 1112

Chrudim 537 01

You can contact us in advance by email,for an overall faster settlement.


Complaint Form:




Our legal relationship is governed by the Complaints Procedure, according to which we will proceed with complaints about the goods.



You may withdraw from the Purchase Agreement within 30 days from the date of acceptance of the goods; if the delivery is divided into several parts, from the date of acceptance of the last delivery. You are advised to send a notice of withdrawal from the Purchase Agreement to our mailing address or e-mail address. A sample form may be used to withdraw from the Agreement. We will confirm acceptance of the notice without undue delay.

You haven't got to give any reason for withdrawal from the Agreement.

Form for withdrawal from the Purchase Agreement:




The complete wording of the terms of withdrawal from the Agreement can be found in our General Terms and Conditions here.



Welcome to The main steps are shortly described here, how we work and how this website works. You can find the full Business Terms and Conditions here.

Please read our terms and system of use of this site. Please note that by using this website you agree to our Terms and Conditions.


1. Currency and prices

All transactions are processed relevant currency. We are VAT payers.

2. Shipping of goods

You can choose from shipping methods. We are currently shipping products to the individual states.

3. Customer service

Vuch purses are processed in the highest quality. The standard delivery time is 1-3 business days. If you have got any queries about quality, production, ordering process, do not hesitate to contact us or see the frequently asked questions.

4. Return of goods always strives to make you happy so you are fully satisfied with your purchase. All our products have got a 24-month warranty, so if anything is not right, contact us and we'll surely fix it. If there would be a fault in the production of the wallet, of course we will replace the goods or refund your money.

If you made a purchase mistake, you have already ordered but you want to cancel the order, it isn't a problem, just contact us as soon as possible. We will save the environment and our money for shipping.

Please check your order carefully before completing the order and then confirm the binding order.

5. Warranty provides a 24-month guarantee for all its products.

6. Copyright

All the content of our website is our copyright content and it is strictly forbidden to copy, distribute and publish the content without our permission.

7. Business Terms and Conditions

The full wording of Business Terms and Conditions is here.

8. Terms of use of the Web Interface

The full wording of the Terms of Use of the Web Interface is here.

9. What are your rights to a consumer dispute?

If you are a consumer and if there is a dispute from the Agreement between us which we will not be able to resolve directly, you have got the right to turn with this dispute to the Czech Trade Inspection ( for out-of-court settlement of the consumer dispute. You may claim this right within one year from the date you first claimed the right which is the subject of this consumer dispute.